Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trove Tuesday - Titles and Tags

One of the things I bang on about is being able to find and retrieve things. It's no good having a great collection of stuff on the internet if it can't be easily retrieved or appear high on a list of hits from a search engine.

Today several geneabloggers have written wonderful Trove Tuesday posts. For these to be easily retrieved by others and to get high up on Google's results pages the term Trove Tuesday needs to appear in the post (and preferably not once just in the body of the articles we write).

I don't know much about the algorithms Google uses to return hits to us but I suspect that if Trove Tuesday appears in the title of a post then that post will rank higher in the list of hits returned to us. Similarly if a post is tagged with Trove Tuesday it might move higher up in the list of hits returned from a Trove Tuesday search on Google. So when I write a Trove Tuesday post I will put Trove Tuesday in the title, include the term in my post and add a tag for Trove Tuesday.

I just did a search for Trove Tuesday in Google and here is what I found:

You will notice that my two posts about Trove Tuesday are near the top after Shrove Tuesday (go figure). Maybe this is because I have mentioned the term three times. Merron's post makes the list further down. Where are the other fabulous posts?

Let's help to make Trove Tuesday posts more findable by adding appropriate Titles and Tags.


Fi said...

Interesting thoughts, Jill. I did a little experiment with my own blog. Although I have 'Trove Tuesday' in the title, search description and tags, google search results had it well and truly buried. I did a quick edit and added 'TT' to see if that helped. It did a little. But what I would recommend to fellow bloggers is do the search, then in the left menu click on 'blogs'. Hey presto!

Tanya Honey said...

It may also have to do with how popular overall your website/blog is. Your blog is a popular one Jill and that may push it up in the search rankings. Just speculating, I don't really know either.


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