Friday, December 17, 2010

Whither shall I wander? or Rootstech here I come

Previously I have blogged about genealogy cruising options and wondered where I should spend my genealogy travel budget this year.

I am so excited because, this morning, I have decided to go to Salt Lake City for the Rootstech Conference. I cannot wait to hop on The Flying Kangaroo and make my way to Salt Lake City all by myself. I've booked a return flight to San Francisco and have registered for the conference. I just need connecting flights and a bed for a few nights.

10 Reasons why have I chosen this event

1. I am interested in the application of technology to genealogy and this conference will satisfy my needs. I cannot even understand what some of the topics are so there is lots of scope for learning.
2. The program has been published well ahead of time so I knew what was on offer before I made my booking.
3. Many of my geneablogging mates including Thomas MacEntee and Dear Myrtle will be at this conference and,having been their virtual mate for a couple of years, I will relish the opportunity to see them in the flesh.
4. The conference represents excellent value for money. I have only invested around $AU150 for three full days of sessions and two lunches, coupled with a cheap airfare and single accommodation in a Radisson Hotelat around $AU90 it's great value.
5. I am within cooee of The Family History Library and its resources and can stay on for an extra few days to use their facilities.
6. I'll get to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir again.
7. My boss is going overseas at this time so my absence won't disrupt his business too much.
8. My husband is having problems buying me a Christmas present so I offered him the option of sending me to Salt Lake City.
9. I might be able to buy an Android tablet computer to bring home at a reasonable price.
10. I can have a day and night in San Francisco on the way home and help the US economy through visits to my favourite haunts Macys and Ross Stores.

Watch out, in February there'll be lots of blog posts and tweets from Geniaus, the connected granny from downunder.


Amy Coffin said...

Excellent news. I look forward to meeting you in Salt Lake City.

A O'Brien said...

This should be great, I look forward to reading your blog posts from RootsTech!

Anne Stafford said...

Can't wait to see your blogs on the event. Have a great time
Anne Stafford

Anne Stafford said...

Can't wait to see your blogs on the event. Have a great time.

Shelley Crawford said...

Wow! Very exciting! My genealogy travel budget gets me about as far as the library and back... I hope you have a great time!

geneabloggers said...

Can't wait to meet you! Also, if you've never been to San Francisco before and need some tips on where to stay etc. let me know - I lived there almost 20 years.


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