Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Loot

Among the goodies that came my way this Christmas were two books on a similar theme that should, once I read them, enhance my knowledge of Ireland - the homeland of more than half my ancestors.

The first book that I purchased for myself online from The Book Depository came a couple of days before Christmas and I have only had time to read the first couple of chapters. It appears to be a well sourced  and researched tome. Written by Australian academic and genealogist, Perry McIntyre, "Free Passage" is about the reunion of Irish convicts and their families in Australia from 1788 to 1852. As I have yet to read the book I cannot yet comment on its content. Th price of this book was very favourable as The Book Depository offer free shipping to Australia.

The second book is one my husband bought for me when we were browsing in QBD boooks in Hornsby on Christmas Eve. "The scenery and antiquities of Ireland" by J Stirling Coyne is a new edition of a classic work first published in 1842.Enhanced with detailed engravings it describes the regions of Ireland as they appeared at the time of the author's travels - about the same time my ancestors were pulling up roots and heading to Australia. This book was a bargain at only $10 and would be a fine addition to the library of any genealogist with Irish roots.

I have added both of these books to my account on Librarything about which I first blogged two years ago. Once I have read the books I will add comments to my entries there.

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Alison said...

Thanks for sharing the link to book depository. It was very timely as I wanted a book from the UK & the free delivery made this very attractive. My book "Notting Hill behind the scenes" arrived this week.


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