Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tick, Tock. We think we've found a Gowans clock

In a blog post a few months ago I told the story of James the Clock, my husband's 3rd great-grandfather.

I indicated that we would love to own a clock made by James. Shortly after finding a Gowans clock in Australia at Museum Victoria we discovered that we had missed out on purchasing a Gowans clock on eBay. The clock was not sold on the eBay auction but had been sold by the time we got in contact with the vendor.

Although we have our interests listed with many clock vendors in the UK and the US we have not been able to locate a clock since we started looking six years ago.

Just last week a gentleman in Scotland contacted our English cousin saying that he has a Gowans clock for sale. Our cousin, who already owns a Gowans clock, immediately contacted us. The clock is a very pretty longcase clock made in the 1850s by James Gowans in Galashiels, Scotland. We are hoping to close the purchase and bring this Gowans clock from Scotland to its family in Australia.

I hope to record the clock's journey to Australia on this blog.

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