Sunday, May 30, 2010

An online identity

Rather than using my real name or a nom-de-plume like John Smith, Carol Jones or Mandy Brown I decided to establish an online identity as Geniaus. Hopefully this short name is relatively unique and identifies me as Australian with an interest in Genealogy. People doing a Google search for Geniaus should find mostly web pages that relate to me or my activities whereas if they used my given names the results would include anyone else blessed with my name.

I have registered Geniaus with many free online and social networking sites such as Blogger, Delicious,Picasa, Twitter, Facebook, and Wordpress even though I may rarely use these tools. Unfortunately I am not Geniaus on Youtube! Oh how I wish I could grab that identity. If you wish to check the availability of your favourite online identity Namechk is a useful tool. Genealogists, grab your username on those sites before someone else does.

I have also registered the domain for my family site. If had had unlimited funds I would register .com, .org etc but I that doesn't fit into the budget.

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