Friday, May 28, 2010

Wondering about Wikipedia?

In its early days I added content to Wikipedia. One of the things I did, as a teacher, was correct erroneous information that prankster students had added to an entry about their school. After I had corrected the entry I received a message from Wikipedia that the content was being removed because it appeared to be an advertisement. I thought that I had provided facts that were not peppered by the superlatives I was tempted to add.

I was therefore interested to see this recent Commoncraft video for educators that explains how Wikipedia entries are written, updated, verified, and maintained. Thanks to Mr Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers for his post and alert to this video.

Unfortunately I can't seem to embed the video in this post but you can watch it here: Wikipedia Video.

Although targetted at educators this video would be edifying viewing for family historians interested in reading and contributing to Wikipedia.

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