Monday, February 22, 2021

My Road to RootstechConnect

Fellow Official Bloggers - Rootstech 2011 - The Beginning of my Rootstech journey

My journey to RootstechConnect has taken 11 years so far. I have been an Ambassador for each of the previous Rootstech events and I have attended 9 out of the 11 face to face events in person. I'm very excited about the prospect of attending Rootstech from home and avoiding the long journey to Salt Lake City or London but I will miss seeing the friends I have made in the Rootstech family during that time.. 

I am delighted that I will be able to gain entry to all of the sessions at this online event as there will be no restriction on class sizes as there are at the face to face events. I will also be able to avoid the brain overload that I suffer  at each conference as I will be able to access the learning activities on demand over the next 12 months until RootstechConnect 2022.

In years gone by I would have written many blog posts in the days and months leading up to the Rootstech conference but times have changed and I don't blog as often as I once did. In the past week many other bloggers have written excellent guides about the activities at the event. I don't need to reinvent the wheel. 

These bloggers have written some informative posts: Sue at, Fran at are just two of those.

One of the responsibilities of a Rootstech Ambassador is to spread the word about the event. In 2011 when I was first an official blogger/ambassador the folk at Rootstech wanted us share to via blog posts (we were called Official Bloggers then) but times have moved on and the people at Rootstech recognised that there were more avenues available for sharing information about their event so we became Ambassadors who used multiple platforms.

I'm still spreading the word about Rootstech but through those different avenues. I have been sharing and retweeting on Twitter and my Facebook page and  other Facebook groups to which I belong. At the grassroots level I have bombarded the members of our local and other societies with information about Rootstech.

Unfortunately my GeniAus page has been taken down by Facebook as they must deem it to be an Australian news site!!! I don't know whether to be flattered because  my page has value as a news source or to be annoyed because Facebook has taken down a page where a little old volunteer grandmother shares information about family history with her genimates.

With two other Australians who are passionate about the RootstechConnect conference and I have administered for the past five months a Facebook page Australians at RootstechConnect where those who have registered for the event can meet other attendees, chat, ask questions, and share information about the event. I hosted a zoom session last night for members of this group where I shared information I had learned from the ambassadors briefing and we had an opportunity to meet up prior to the event.

Tonight I will be hosting another zoom session for the members of the Society of Australian Genealogists where I will once again share information and answer questions about the RootstechConnect which kicks off on Thursday Australian time.

During the three days that RootstechConnect has a live programme I will be sharing via Twitter as I just won't have time to blog. You can follow me on Twitter with my handle @geniaus, the official hashtag for tweeting about RootstechConnect is #rootstechconnect.

I may not blog again until after the event so I wish you all an inspiring and exhilarating learning experience at  RootstechConnect

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jennyalogy said...

Wow. Sorry your page has been taken down by FB


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