Wednesday, February 24, 2021

From a Sandwich to a Self-Service Snack Bar

 In the wee hours when I should have been sleeping I was reflecting on Rootstech and the analogy I drew in a post last year. Here is what I said:

A Scrumptious Sandwich

When reflecting on my week at Rootstech I though of a sandwich, a scrumptious sandwich full of delicious ingredients. 

Image - Pexels 
The bready outer layers of my sandwich represent unofficial pre and post Rootstech activities that have become traditions for my genimates and me. The filling has been the amazing Rootstech Conference and associated events hosted by Familysearch and vendors.

Of course as with all generously filled sandwiches I found some of the ingredients more appealing than others.  Rootstech provides so much variety so that each attendee can customise his or her own sandwich. Some sandwiches were packed with a smorgasbord of ingredients while some were more manageable but from what I could see each attendee enjoyed his or her custom made Rootstech sandwich.

Fast forward to RootstechConnect the virtual conference which will kick off for me in Australia tomorrow.

The ingredients in this event will be available not just for the few days of the event but for a whole year on demand whenever I have a hunger for some genealogy education. During the course of the year I can create as many sandwiches as my appetite desires. I am therefore revising my analogy to call RootstechConnect a Self-Service Snack Bar. I'll be a regular visitor.


Bobbie Edes said...

I love the anology, Jill. I hope to become a regular at the snack bar also! Bobbie

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

If we don’t pace ourselves with our viewing and learning we will suffer from indigestion as we would if pigging out at a smorgasbord.
Great analogy though I admit to thinking of the sandwich fillings as being the fun bits.


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