Thursday, May 28, 2020

Dementia in the Family?

Both of my parents suffered from Senile Dementia in their later years. Mum who lived until she was 94 knew me to the end and sometimes recognised my husband. She knew that our descendants belonged but she was unable to identify any of them.

Last week in another Facebook Group a genealogist, Robert, posted a copy of a document he had created for a family member who is affected by dementia. As I thought this was too good a resource to be shared just in a small group I asked Robert for permission to share it here.

In the following image are instructions for Robert's Visual Family Tree which you may find useful if you have a family member suffering from Dementia. To protect the privacy of living individuals Robert has blurred images. I have copied Robert's instructions at the bottom of this post in case you have trouble enlarging the image.

Thank you Robert for your genearosity.

The Visual Family Tree

Here’s something you can make if you have a family member in a care facility. It’s a Visual Family Tree and it serves four purposes:

 It places the Elder person(s) proudly at the top, with their subsequent generations cascading
 It has everyone’s names, as a memory jogger
 It shows birthdates and wedding dates, as a reminder
 Importantly, if displayed in their room, it provides a safe place where a visitor or staff can
interact with the Elder(s).

A large sheet of cardboard, photos, glue stick and neat handwriting is all you need, and get it
laminated because people will touch it. If you have Photoshop skills, then make it that way. Good luck!


Elizabeth Handler said...

This is a wonderful idea. My mother isn't there yet (still in independent living), but would probably love this. Thank you (and thank your friend Robert) for sharing!

Sandra Williamson said...

This is a great idea. I have made memory books for mum, but they keep getting put away and she forgets to look at them so this would be a nice addition to celebrate her life that I can put on her wall. I know she'd love it. thanks for sharing.


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