Monday, December 30, 2019

Home from Rootstech London

After eight weeks on the road (well mainly on the sea) I arrived home from Rootstech London last week. From London we travelled to Miami and then took a ship through the Panama Canal, down the west coast of South America and up the east coast to Buenos Aires where we changed ships for a cruise to Antarctica. Rootstech London seems like a distant memory. During this time not only GeniAus but also her Family History Research has been on the ice.

GeniAus on Ice
Having  Christmas out of the way my thoughts are turning to family history. This morning I have been unpacking my Rootstech Stuff and thumbing through the notes I took at the conference.
Rootstech London Notebook

As always at a Rootstech event I had a wonderful time as an Ambassador at the London show. I was delighted that such a large contingent of  Downunder genies travelled to the event. We started off the week with a dinner for Downunder Genies at a local pub on the night prior to the conference then it was a crazy ride of lectures, interviews, networking, shopping and socialising until the final evening when Mr GeniAus and I had a quiet dinner at our hotel with genimate and Rootstech Ambassador Sharn White and her husband David.

Most of the Downunder Genies at Rootstech (a few missed the photocall)
I loved the vibe of Rootstech London and the program of lectures that were relevant to an Australian with British and Irish Roots. I just hope that the people at Rootstech plan another Rootstech in London. Mr GeniAus and I will definitely be there. Rootstech invigorates and inspires me to continue with my geneajourney.

For now I must read through that notebook more thoroughly and apply my learning from Rootstech London to my research.


Valerie Thornton said...

Welcome Home - sounds like a wonderful trip. Thank you again for all you did to help the Downunder Genies at RootsTech London esp. the newbies! Hope you have a great genie-year in 2020.

Heather Nowlan said...

Was lovely to meet you in London

Barry Rees said...

Now you are just making us all jealous! Sounds like a fabulous trip - and as Donny Osmond would say - write it all down, as it is YOUR family history.

Stella Eames said...

G'day all the Aus genies. I nejoyed reading this post.

Here in the UK we are hearing so much about the high temperatures and the fires. Do hope you all and your loved ones are safe from fire and smoke.

Wish we could send you some of our endless rain!


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