Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Trove Tuesday - Each snippet adds something to the story

It's quite a while since I did some sleuthing on Trove to see if I can add to the story of my 3x Great-Grandfather, Dennis Tierney. His activities are well documented in
The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser but I wanted to see if there was anything new or that I had previously missed.

It is not my usual practice to be organised but, for this search I decided to search for posts containing the word Tierney between 1840-01-01 to 1840-12-31. I figured that there may not be many Tierneys in the colony at that time. 

The first item I came across was this article List of Unclaimed Letters FOR THE MONTH OF JULY, 1840.  It lists an unclaimed letter for  "Tierney Dennis, Carpenter". I guess whoever was writing to Dennis hadn't caught up with the news that he had moved from Sydney to Dungog.

It seemed as though Dennis did nothing in the years that I checked between between 1841 and  1846. I finally found a new result in the Sydney Chronicle (NSW : 1846 - 1848) Wednesday 23 June 1847 p 4 Advertising which told me that  Dennis Tierney was appointed to be agent for Clarence Town and Dungog for that newspaper. His name appeared in several successive editions of that paper.I did not know that Dennis had this role so my sleuthing was not in vain.

I have found many articles in Trove that mention Dennis from 1849 up until his death in 1894. He must have been shy in his younger years!

I am happy with what I found - Each snippet I find helps to fill out Dennis' story.

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