Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mr Familysearch - Steve Rockwood

I note that one of the keynote speakers at Rootstech in 2018 is Steve Rockwood.

Dennis Brimhall and Jill 2012
I would guess that nearly all of my genimates use the resources of Familysearch but they probably wouldn't recognise the name of the man at the helm, Steve Rockwood or of his predecessors Jay Verkler and Dennis Brimhall.

One of the perks of being a Rootstech Ambassador is that I get to interview some of the stars who attend the annual Rootstech Conference. There are pop stars, sporting stars, tech stars, people with a strong social conscience and geneastars. I have been fortunate to conduct personal interviews with all three of the Familysearch CEOs since the first Rootstech in 2011,  Steve Rockwood and his predecessors Jay Verkler and Dennis Brimhall. That's a pretty big deal for a little old granny from downunder.

Jay Verkler and Jill - 2011

What has impressed me is that, although these three very tall individuals have brought different emphases to Familysearch during their time at the top, they are genuine nice guys who are passionate about family history and their mission as the Familysearch CEO. Although they have been super busy they have been most gracious in spending time chatting with me.

Steve Rockwood suggests that when people engage with genealogy they experience feelings “They’re feelings of the heart. I don’t care where you are; people tell you what feelings they felt. . . . They’ll tell you, ‘I feel love; I feel joy; I feel peace.’ These are powerful, core feelings that everyone has.”

If you use Familysearch and don't know Steve Rockwood please take the time to get to know him in this interview I recorded  at Rootstech 2017.

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