Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Scenes from the Salt Palace - Rootstech Day -1

After a morning of rest I crossed the road to the Salt Palace to register for Rootstech. On my way to register I met many genimates and members of the Familysearch team from  previous Rootstech conferences. Loved seeing so many familiar faces in that sea of people.

The conference organisers had sent out a message that the first 4,000 to register for the event would get a special gift - from the size of the lines I think about 5,000 people took this opportunity. I was so grateful that as an Ambassador I got to register via an express line. I hear that it took some people over two hours to make their way through the queue.

While at the Salt Palace I took a few pics to give you a taste of the Rootstech venue.

The main entrance/exit

Play by the rules

A long queue

Nearing the end
Surprise for the first 4,000
What's on

This place is HUGE

Not quite ready

Abseilers at Rootstech

Registered at last- Main entrance

1 comment:

LDC said...

Looking good!! (You AND the palace)!
The excitement is building everywhere, methinks!


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