Monday, December 11, 2017

Following the Leader

And that leader is Pauleen Cass

 Pauleen (R) and GeniAus (L)
Pauleen posted on Facebook yesterday that she was working on her presentation for #Congress_2018 and I replied that I had been thinking about mine. Pauleen is presenting, Parallel Lives - Irish kin down under and abroad. As my ancestry is mostly Irish and as Pauleen knows her stuff I am looking forward to her talk. She may be presenting another session but there is no facility I can find on the Congress Website to look at a speaker's bio and see a list of their talks (Hope this is rectified).

Anyway, because I am following Pauleen's lead, I have now at least started the powerpoints for my presentations: Beaut Blogs: ideas for tarting up your Geneablogs (a 2014 presentation that also needs a lot of tarting up) and  Managing Frugally: Free Tools for Genies and Family History Groups (a completely new talk). I have been gathering ideas in Evernote for several months but now need to move forward. Should you have any ideas/resources I should include in those talks please let me know. I need all the help I can get!

Those who are presenting at Congress recently received this message "Just a reminder before Christmas takes your mind elsewhere that your handouts are due to by 8 January 2018 . Please note that this is a deadline, not a target date so please take care to meet it."

As I need to finish my presentation before I can write a handout the heat is on. I wonder how other speakers are progressing with this task.

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