Thursday, December 7, 2017

101 Reasons to Attend #congress_2018 - Hook up with Fellow Members

Many of those attending Congress are members of Family History/Genealogy Groups or Societies.

While you may know many of the members of your grassroots local groups you may not know those from societies you belong to out of your area. Attendance at Congress will provide you with an opportunity to hook up with those fellow members and meet them in person. Perhaps you are wondering what a particular group has to offer you.

I know many of the folk in my local groups but I am looking forward to meeting fellow members of The Surname SocietyThe Society for One-Place Studies and The Society of Australian Genealogists most of whom live at a distance from me.

Please feel free to use this Facebook Group as a vehicle to hook up with fellow and potential members of your groups. Perhaps you want to organise a group photo, compile a list of members in attendance or meet up for an adult beverage. I encourage you to add documents/events/files/photo albums to our group space.

Use the More Button to add documents/events/files/photo albums to our group space


Dot Elder said...

I think that catching up with Fellow Members is perhaps the main reason I am going.Checking out the Speakers and this post i am very excited to see Genie friends whom I have met on Unlock the Past Cruises, past Conferences, Hangouts, Facebook and even overseas Podcasts that are going to be attending.

Patsy said...

G'day from snowy London. As a Pom writing about her Australian family history I would give anything (almost) to attend the Congress but don't think I can gather together enough $$$. So my question is - will the talks and such be available to people like me to read online?


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