Wednesday, December 27, 2017

101 Reasons to attend #Congress_2018 - Find fellow users

There are many genealogy software packages out on the market most of which have their champions. Some of the more commercial packages have user group meetings in larger centres where fellow users can help and suppport each others' use of the program. I have noticed in a few family history groups that one software disciple will convince others to use the program he/she uses because he can help them with their questions.

As I don't know many people who use my program of choice, Family Historian, I rely on printed manuals and online groups to give me guidance when I get stuck. I happen to know that a few Congressites also use this program so I am hoping to snatch a few minutes to discuss my use  and get some tips from them in March.

You too can find fellow users and organise a get together during downtime (is there such a thing?) at Congress. Feel free to set up an event on our Facebook group for users of your fave package.

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