Friday, May 6, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 6 May 2016

Dia dhaoibh, (that's hello in Gaelic). I'm practising my Gaelic as, in preparation for a forthcoming trip to Ireland. I have declared May as a month to revisit the research on my Irish line so you may find a couple of Irish themed blog posts in my list this week.

1. Top of the list for our time in Dublin. Thanks to John for the review.

2. I might fit this in too, thanks for the headsup Claire.

3. John shares a looooong link.

4. Our ancestors were on the other side : temperance.

5. The State Library of Western Australia explains Pandora archiving.

6. The State Library of Queensland shares a beaut yarn.

7. Lilian launches a new Friday theme (and some tweaks to her blog).

8. Pauleen's chasing up on Missing Friends.

9. And I thought this was going to be about family myths.

10. Caitlin's tribute is brimming with love.

11. Android buddies - not sure if I'll need this but I'll have a play.

12. And some Evernote news for Android users.

New to me 

Photogalaxy from Carmel
Wangiwriter's Blog from Linda

Just in

A genimate shared his daughter's blog post on Facebook this morning and I just had to add it. What a thoughtful young woman.

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