Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ironing - a Geneactivity

I usually watch TV while I iron but, as the TV in my geneacave is on the blink, I decided to listen to the latest Genies Down Under podcast from Maria Northcote while I got rid of all those creases.

I selected the latest Episode 55: Some messages for genies in May  which turned out to be rather short as Maria has been recently snowed under at her day job. I got a huge surprise when I heard Maria mention my name and a blog post of mine, A Flea in my Ear, which I wrote in response to  a post from fellow geneablogger, Jennifer Jones. I was delighted to hear Maria expand on something I referred to in my post. Thanks, Maria.

As I had only ironed a few handkerchiefs and a shirt by the time episode 55 finished I fired up another session I had missed, EPISODE 50: Genie Fiction stuff for genies: Family history themed books and stories from December 2015. This was right up my alley as it satisfied two of my interests, genealogy and reading.Maria made some excellent choices of books to share, most of which I had read, but it was interesting to revisit those works through the eyes of a family historian. 

Maria mentioned Catherine Bishop's book, Minding Her Own Business: Colonial Businesswomen in Sydney, that I was tempted to buy when I heard the author speak at Hawkesbury FHG recently. If the book is half as good as the author talk it will be a ripper. Unfortunately the $40 price tag put me off. I must reserve it at my local library. 

Also on the list was The Timeless Land by Eleanor Dark, a book I read fifty years ago. Perhaps it's time to read it again. I think I can afford $2.50 for the eBook version.

Ironing tonight was a painless activity thanks to the two podcasts I heard. As I usually catch up on Maria's podcasts when I travel, I must download those I haven't heard to my phone before I next take off. 

Maria has been delivering her podcasts for over four years. If you aren't a regular listener May I suggest that you check out Genies Down Under.


Maria said...

Thanks for the mention in your blogpost, Jill. As you can tell from the latest episode, your blog makes a regular appearance on the podcast:) You are an inspiration. I've started my own blogpost about songs from my family history ... will finish it one of these days. Old songs keep popping into my head that were signposts from key past events. A great way to remember our family's history. I put my trusty computer-friend into the repair shop in Sydney yesterday. I hope it comes back to me soon, ready to create more blogposts, podcasts, etc.

Genie Jen said...

Thanks for the info about Maria's podcast which I hadn't heard before. I've been enjoying a couple of American ones such as "The Genealogy Guys" with Drew and George from Tampa and "Genealogy Gems" with Lisa Louise Cooke but it will be great to listen also to an Aussie one.


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