Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We have a winner - Rootstech Competition

Thank you to all those who submitted entries in my recent competition to win a free registration to Rootstech 2015.

Congratulations go to the winner, Karla Robinett, who wrote an enthusiastic Geneapoem for her entry. If you feel like following Karla's example and writing a bit of Geneapoetry using the entries in the Geneadictionary please do. I would be delighted to publish your efforts there.

Here is Karla's entry:

I’m a Trogenealodyte holed up like a mouse.
Leafing through the Treetops in my Treehouse,
Decrapifying my Cousin’s Sourcey crap.
Sinking in a Tangential  Lineage Trap.
Geneajaunt to Rootstech with Flying Monkeys will be
The true Genea – Jewel for a Geneafreak like me.
(I’ll be doing a Geneajigg!!!)

I hope Karla has her Dancing Shoes ready!

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