Thursday, September 11, 2014

Likeing Wordpress

Although I have had some Wordpress blogs for a few years I had not seriously strayed into Wordpress territory until I set up the Geneadictionary last month.

While it takes a while to get used to a new interface I am becoming more comfortable with Wordpress. I have banged on quite a bit about Blogging being a two-way street ie not just a publishing medium but a means of communication between two or more people; I like the way that Wordpress facilitates that communication with its Like button that appears at the bottom of each Wordpress blog post.

Wordpress Like Button

In Blogger we can give a quick Google +1 to a post we like but I don't get notified of any +1s my blog receives. Do you? So unless we go back to each post we have written we cannot see if anyone has quickly communicated that they have read/liked our posts.

I much prefer the Like button on Wordpress because when someone likes one of my posts I get a notification,  You can turn this off if you are overwhelmed with Likes but in my case I get so few Likes so it is great to get that positive reinforcement

Next time you read and like a Wordpress blog  remember to let the blogger know by pressing that little blue star.

This Blogger is Liked a lot.


Kerryn Taylor said...

I've also been trying out wordpress for a while now Jill and I agree with you about the like button.
I don't get notifications about G+ shares in my Blogger posts either.
I tend to use Blogger a bit more as it gives me the option of including another site, such as my wordpress or weebly, as an actual page. I haven't worked out how to do that or if it is possible on Wordpress. I find Blogger is just a little quicker and easier.

Julie Goucher said...

I find Wordpress a bit more fiddly that Blogger, but agree that simply liking a post is good as a way of saying I read and liked it.

There is a like button facility in blogger though at this moment in time I cannot find it in the settings. I will keep looking and add a comment when I do.

I do in some parts like Wordpress, but overall I prefer blogger. Sadly the anglersrest user name is taken at wordpress and I am somewhat hesitant to move over 2,000 blog posts and links.

GeniAus said...

Like you both I am a blogger girl having used it for around 12 years. Luckily I grabbed the Geniaus address on Wordpress a few years ago so I have that if I ever decide to change.

Julie Goucher said...

The wordpress address of anglersrest was taken back in 2010 and wordpress won't allow a hypen in the name.

Jenny Mackay said...

I've dabbled in Blogger but seeing as I was working with Wordpress on a business site, I've kept using it. The biggest draw back was when a commenter was replied to by admin or other commenters, they didn't receive notification that they'd been replied to, even if their email address was included. I'm not sure if this has changed. I should ask the one or two commenters I get on my blog if they knew I had replied. I do like the like button and the fact I get notification. Wordpress does take a bit of getting used to, but is very powerful in what it can do. Oh and I wish it had an undo button on the .com site. I thought the .org had one. :-)

Kylie Willison said...

Julie you could have the Wordpress blogging software on your own website and I checked is available.

Michelle Nichols said...

I agree. I read a few blogs and would like to encourage the author and let them know I enjoyed reading a post without necessarily leaving a comment. Would you be bold enough to suggest it to the blogger creators??

Alex Daw said...

Tee hee - look at all those likes :) Go Jill! Yep I like it too.

Julie Goucher said...

Kylie, Thanks for that. I do have a website( and a domain name for my blog ( see the theme. Using net was ironic because I would sooner poke my eyes out with a blunt pencil then fish, but Mr Anglers Rest loves it!

My website is hosted at Weebly and they do not have a import function which is really my only criticism of them. I could write a nice post saying Gone Fishing at.....and give a new location and of course the domain name would help....Decisions, decisions!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

As you know I've been using WP for nearly 5 years and mostly find it easy, whereas Blogger to me is cryptic...all depends on what you're used to.

One aspect that's not well known is that you can also like individual comments by highlighting the star at the bottom of each...helpful if you have nothing further to add.

Alison said...

I was wondering how you like a wordpress post without having to log in?


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