Thursday, September 4, 2014

50 Blogs you need to read

It's always exciting to see the fruits of one's labour in print.

For the last three years I have done a little job for Inside History Magazine in which I collate a list of 50+ blogs you need to read, the magazine editors look at the list and prune it down to the final 50 which they publish.  It takes me ages to check out several hundred blogs and check them against a list of criteria that I have collated with the help of my genimates.

This is the third year of the list so I guess that it is now an established geneaevent,  in case it is I have already started adding more blogs to include in the running for next year. As soon as I finished my task I found a few more new blogs. Geneablogging is alive and well in Australia.

After a chat with the magazine editor it was decided to have a little change in focus this year. We only included a few foreign blogs (there are plenty of best of lists for them already) and had an intentional bias towards genealogy and history blogs from Australia and New Zealand.

My digital copy of Inside History Magazine arrived yesterday and I was excited to see the latest list  in print. There you will find example of blogs that are challenging, charming, chatty, classy and clever. There is something for everyone.

I commend to you the Inside History Magazine 2014 list of 50 Blogs you Need to Read.


John Sparrow said...

Hi Jill
I follow a number of blogs. I like those that are provocative and general. As you say, most are UScentric. I would be interested in your criteria for those you put in your list for IDH. Thanks John

Kerryn Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing this Jill, some amazing reading there.

GeniAus said...

John, I have a blog post about that somewhere. Will look it up. Jill

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I very much doubt this is a "little job"...more like a mammoth one! What a great list you have here, and I like the focus on Aus/NZ. We have a plethora of talented writers Down Under! I was thrilled to find myself on the,list again, and very privileged to be in the Hall of Fame!! thanks to both you and Inside History. I haven't let the cat out of,the bag by congratulating others yet, so they can have the excitement of seeing their name in print first.

GeniAus said...

Yes, It was a huge job but it is something I enjoy.

You can't imagine how difficult it has been to keep my mouth shut since my digital copy of Inside History turned up last week. Only three bloggers to my knowledge so far have indicated that they have seen themselves on the list on the list.

Congratulations to you for your consistent contributions to geneablogging downunder. Did I hear someone say 'meaty and dependable'?

Lenore Frost said...

Hi Jill,

I was very pleased to make the Top 50 Blogs again at Inside History. It was my husband who noticed that I was listed at 42, which is the Meaning of Life! Goodness! Thanks you very much.

GeniAus said...

So pleased you found it Lenore.

Sharon said...

I have been waiting in anticipation since I read this post last week. My copy of Inside History only arrived today and I was very pleased to see my blog listed. Thank you very much for nominating me but also for all the work that you do.

I was amused (but flattered) to see it listed as "Professional" though. One day!


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