Saturday, May 25, 2013

One of my aims is to update my family tree data on my Geniaus family site,,  every two or three weeks or more often if I make significant changes or additions to the database.
As I have been travelling for a couple of months this has not been done since February. Although I have a lot more data to enter I have uploaded an updated file this morning. I had promised the new cousins who have found me on the web and shared info while I was travelling that I would do so on my return.

Thank you those those new folk who have shared their data with me, your collaboration is making my family site a richer resource for those who share our ancestry. If I have not added your extra information yet please bear with me. I am in catchup mode and will do so soon.

I cannot overestimate the value of publishing one's data on the internet via a family sites, blog posts or other media. Sharing leads to valuable connections.

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