Sunday, May 5, 2013

At sea with Family Historian

I am taking advantage of a day at sea to set up my genealogy software, Family Historian, on my new
 travel laptop that I purchased a few weeks ago in New York at the tech toy lovers mecca, B&H Photographics (note to Aussies - you can order online from this company).

When I was in Salt Lake City and New York recently I learnt more about Mr Geniaus' Gowans ancestors and I am anxious to add the information to my database. I have been neglecting my genealogy lately as I have been immersing in my latest travel adventure but I must get on track and get organised before I take off for a few days research in London at the end of next month.

Another catalyst for downloading the software is that I have heard from sources in the UK and my Family Historian User group in Australia that Family Historian guru, Jane Taubman, will be speaking on the next Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise around Australia. Poor Jane may have to hide for me as I will be first in the queue to enlist her help.

While I have been writing this post the software has downloaded and is ready to be installed so I must away.

Postscript 10 mins later - software successfully downloaded, data imported, synched with big computer at home via Dropbox.  How easy was that?


Jane said...

FH + Dropbox = Magic

If you use Symbolic Links you can even sync the advanced settings.

Ready for the questions, as I have just booked my flights for my first trip to Oz. Jane.

Young Gene said...

I'm loving Family Historian. It's so easy to use.


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