Monday, May 27, 2013

Out with the old and in with the new...

...but it doesn't seem so new. It seems as familiar as an old pair of slippers.

Since I heard about Google Reader's demise a while ago I have been in denial and have just gone about using this fave tool as if the end wasn't in sight. I have now negotiated through Kubler-Ross' stages of grief and have finally reached the final stage: Acceptance.

Google Reader had to go. I was looking for a replacement RSS Reader that had an App for Android but I didn't want something all glitzy and graphic like Feedly. Today it dawned on me that I could use The Old Reader in the browser on my Android Tablet to keep up with feeds; an Android app would be nice (and they say it's coming) but using the browser does not cause any drama for me. On the odd occasion I use my Android phone catch up on my feeds I'll just have to manage. I chose The Old Reader because it had a range of good reviews from various sites and it was like Google Reader.

The process of setting up an account and importing my Google Reader feeds didn't take too long. The Old Reader sent me an email once all of my data had been imported into their program. The only hitch is that The Old Reader shows that I have a lot of unread posts and this is not accurate. So I need to go through my folders and mark most of these as Read.

Ready to read with The Old Reader
I've been playing around today and found using this tool so easy because it is familiar. I've deleted subscriptions, added a few new ones and dragged and dropped items just like in Google Reader.

One thing I am missing is that I don't have any followers so I don't know how the Social functions of this program work. You can connect with me on The Old Reader with my user name - GeniAus.

Will I be seeing you there?


Karen Ball said...

I decided to abandon Google Reader sooner rather than later. I chose Feedly for my home computer and smartphone - love the graphics and ease of navigation. Importing my Google Reader feeds was easy too.

Kathy Nemaric said...

I too switched to Feedly, but I find myself still using Google Reader because it's there. I like the Feedly web interface, but on my mobile phone it takes too long to load and I default back to Google Reader. The loss of that along with the impending closures of the iGoogle home page portal makes me sad.


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