Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Cook and the Curator

Have you wondered what our Aussie ancestors put on their tables?  This new blog from Historic Houses Trust (HHT) that I discovered as I was preparing for my talk on History Blogs might just provide some clues (and recipes) for you.

The Cook and the Curator Blog

The site explains "The Cook and the Curator, brought to you by the Historic Houses Trust (HHT), invites you to explore our food heritage. Each month we’ll visit one of our extraordinary properties, introduce you to its past residents and look at what, where and how they ate. We’ll comb through old cookery books, decipher handwritten recipes, experiment with heirloom produce, rediscover lost culinary arts, and reveal family stories. We’ll also show you how to blend exotic spices, whip up apple snow, make gelatine from calves’ feet (if you dare!) and lay the perfect Regency table – and this is just a portion of what’s on our menu."

I'll be adding this to my RSS. How about you?


Crissouli said...

Another interesting blog to add to the 'must red' list... thanks, Jill.

Crissouli said...

Even the 'must read' list would be good!

Lynn Palermo said...

Love it, great concept!


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