Monday, January 21, 2013

Need to share files easily?

Richard Byrne on Free Technology for Teachers reminds us today that Google Drive is a perfect vehicle for sharing files. He is addressing the education community but his suggestion is just as pertinent for genealogists.

He says "You can upload videos, audio files, PDFs, Word documents, and just about any other file to your Google Drive account and you can make access to the file public if you want to. This is how I occasionally share some of my large PDFs. Grab the link to the file by clicking the share button in your Google Drive account then select "anyone with the link" as your accessibility setting. Now you can paste that link into your Facebook page for your class or your school." 

I use Google Drive all the time to share documents with family and find it very effective. I also used it in 2012 to plan a Rootstech presentation with genealogists in three other countries.

To access Google Drive you need a Google Account. Do consider setting one up - it gives yo access to a suite of wonderful tools.

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