Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friends at Rootstech - This one's for you Audrey

I can't wait to catch up with my blogging friends at Rootstech when I get to Salt Lake City in around eight weeks time.

I was just browsing the Rootstech site when I found spotted this photo of my mate, Audrey Collins, in one of the images that scrolls across the front page of the site. As the Rootstech home page is subject to change I captured the screenshot of Audrey (looks like she's busy on her iPad) before it disappears.

Audrey is the redhead on the left
I know that Audrey like me is returning to Salt Lake City for her third Rootstech Conference.

It looks like one can still grab an Earlybird Registration - how about doing this and joining Audrey and me for some geneafun.

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Audrey Collins said...

Weii spotted, Jill! I'm in the crowd on the cover of the Rootstech 2012 brochure, too.

Also in this picture is the new boy in our office, Nick Barratt, a couple of seats away from me, next to Cherie Bush.

Can't wait to see you at Rootstech 2013. Quite a few more Brits coming this time - you have been warned!


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