Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Question for Jill....

As I perused my social media sites this morning I came across this post on Facebook from my US mate, Bill West.

The Four Ws, Who, What, Where and When popped into my head when I read this. Without knowing what it is Bill's friend wants to find it is difficult to suggest specific sites. So what I will do is share some of my favourite sites for Aussie research (in no particular order). As my ancestors lived in New South Wales my favourites are biased towards this state, other states will have similar resources.

I won't include sites that outline the principles of genealogy research as these are universal and Bill will be able to assist his friend in this regard. I would also suggest that Bill's friend join a local genealogy or historical society for the localities in which he has interests. Many small rural societies have valuable records and home grown databases that are not available online.

Free Sites

Subscription Sites - Many public libraries in Australia provide free access to these

No doubt as soon as I hit publish on this post I will think of other sites that I should have included but this list should keep Bill's friend amused for a while. I expect that some of my Australian mates will add comments that refer to their favourite sites.


Fi said...

So many little time! Here's a couple more:

Michael Riley said...
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Michael Riley said... the most useful for new users, with lots of free information to keep them occupied.

Newspapers - Trove, Trove, Trove (agree, agree, agree)

Links Page - Cyndi’s List –Australia ....You need at least one links page for further links. Coraweb is already mentioned. I am making a links page for Victorian resources... (there I got my plug in)

Archives Offices (National and each State) – Passenger lists etc, War records. They are all just depends on which state you are from....Victoria’s is the Public Records office of Victoria. Their Online indexes are:

Local History/Genealogy Society in where her ancestors lived. Geelong for example has an online index with over 1,000,000 records, see

Cemetery Indexes and Headstone Photos - For Victoria, I like

In Victoria I would also add, the Victorian Government Gazette

Maybe even Picture Australia

Troy Clark said...

Thank you so much Jill, I am the friend of Bill's who was after family history help. Your links have provided so much.

Shelley Crawford said...

You seem to have it pretty well covered! I agree with Fi that is worth adding to the list.


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