Monday, April 16, 2012

Christos Anesti!

Getting Ready to Crack the Greek Red Easter Eggs
Mr Geniaus and I only have proven ancestors from the British Isles although I am about 90% sure that I have some Australian Aboriginal blood. I live in hope that I can one day find evidence, either through DNA or in some records that may come to light in the future, to prove this beyond reasonable doubt.

Since the marriages of our children there is now Dutch, Greek and Maltese ancestry in the family. Some of our grandchildren have one or more of these lines in their trees and this has been providing new challenges for their grandmother who wants to research their ancestry!

Last night we celebrated Greek Easter with some of the grandchildren who had been busy preparing traditional red eggs for our Easter Feast. We learnt from this four year old that one should say  "Christos Anesti!" or "Christ is risen!" and "Kalo Pashcha!" or "Beautiful Easter." We also learnt that these eggs represent the Blood of Christ and rebirth. 

Our lives have been enriched by learning about the traditions and cultures of the lands of our grandchildren's ancestors.

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Sharon said...

I would really like to have aboriginal heritage, but there is no possibility. We seem to be adding a new heritage each generation. My mother is Irish and English, I am Irish, English and Scottish and my children have German as well from their father. I often wonder what the next generation will bring. Hopefully lots of research!


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