Friday, April 20, 2012

Guess who is coming to Town?

Audrey Collins and Jill Ball - Rootstech 2012
I am thrilled that Audrey Collins, my mate and Family History Specialist at The National Archives in Kew, is coming to my town. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and genealogy related trivia filed away in that head of hers. Into the bargain she is an entertaining and down to earth presenter with a terrific sense of humour. Audrey's presentations will eclipse the keynotes I have heard recently. Audrey's blog posts on The Family Recorder give some indication of her areas of expertise and her subject knowledge; they are must reads in my RSS feeds.

If you don't live in Sydney there is no cause for despair; Audrey is also visiting Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne during her tour. Dates and details can be found here on the Unlock the Past site. I am going along to hear Audrey in both Brisbane and Sydney.

You'd be crazy to miss an opportunity to hear Audrey.

Disclosure: Audrey is a mate of mine whom I first met at Rootstech 2011. I caught up with her again at The National Archives in Kew last year and at Rootstech 2012 we co-presented on an international panel. 


Tanya Honey said...

I'm hoping to get up to Brisbane to hear Audrey speak in June as she is on my bucket list of genea-speakers. Fingers crossed I make it!


Fi said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Jill. Hopefully I will get to hear Audrey in Brisbane as she sounds amazing!

Shelley Crawford said...

Ooh, and Canberra too. I may just be able to hear her then!


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