Monday, October 31, 2011

Society Membership Bonus

As I was heading out the drive this afternoon the postie handed me the mail which included a large A4 size parcel that looked like a magazine.  I was disappointed that it wasn't the Inside History mag that I was expecting. On ripping off the wrapping I found a more traditional looking publication of 180 pages.

When I joined the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society I vaguely remember reading somewhere that they published a journal. What arrived today was The Historian, Volume 40 Number 1, of the official journal of the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society; it is certainly a handsome publication. I am most impressed that a copy of this publication is included in the $30 annual membership fee.

The 28 articles in the publication all appear to have a connection with the Municipality of Ku-ring gai, the area the society serves. I am one of a number of out of area members of the Society that I joined because of its good program, committed members and excellent research facilities. The content of the journal is not just of interest to those from the area but to anyone with an interest in Australian history or architecture. The articles include histories of some of the beautiful old homes from the area such as Moppity, Dent House and  Biorah; members including Janette Smith and Corona Adams have shared reminiscences and there are biographical pieces on prominent citizens and architects. All of these articles are enhanced by old photographs, drawings, maps and building plans.

It is a little disappointing to realise that such a high quality publication might have a fairly limited audience. I don't know about copyright restrictions on the articles in this journal but it would be lovely to see them reach a wider audience such as that of  the Inside History Magazine that I am waiting for. The journal would be a valuable resource in large or neighbouring library's collections.

Thanks to Ann Barry, President of the Society, and the journal publication group for the wonderful surprise that landed in my mailbox today. It will provide me with many hours of interesting reading.

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