Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A new approach to tagging

I have written before that I am a Tag Queen, this penchant for tagging is not restricted to my photo collection. I also tag my collection of links on Delicious, my books on Librarything, my resources on Zotero and my blog posts.

Until recently I had all of the tags (labels in Blogger) for this blog listed  in a Gadget at the bottom of my blog template. I had been dissatisfied with this arrangement for a while and created a separate blogger page to display my tags but I just haven't been able to get the html code right to have my tags display on the Blog Topics Page. The untidiness of the huge list of tags on my template has continued to disturb me.

Other geneabloggers have a number of blogs for different topics but I find it more convenient to keep most of my posts in one blog. I therefore need to make it easy for readers to identify posts of interest to them from within my blog.

General Blog Tags
I will continue to add specific tags to all my posts but I have created a more general set of around 10-12 tags that I will display in the Tags Gadget that I have moved to the menu on the Right Hand Side of my blog template.  Having reflected on my blog I will use these general labels: Android, Australia, Blogging, Events, Genealogists, History, Libraries, Resources, Rootstech, Social Media, Societies, Technology. Hopefully these will give an indication of my posts' content.

In the future I will try to add general tags to all posts and, if time permits, will retrospectively tag older posts.


Alexander said...

Interesting post! Just like your blog professionalism! Keep up the good work.

Kirsty F Wilkinson said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog post http://professionaldescendant.blogspot.com/2011/10/getting-educated.html I love your term 'Continuing Genealogical Development' and it's a very useful idea to keep a log of learning activities.


Judy Webster said...

I like this idea. I'm not happy about the tags / keywords lists on some of my blogs, and your approach may work well there.

GeniAus said...

Thanks for the comments.Alexander - I don't even mind your veiled ad - I need to see more of the Balkans!


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