Friday, October 14, 2011

The Ancestors' Geneameme - Responses

Aillin O'Brien from Australian Genealogy Journeys was the first to respond to my geneameme challenge followed very quickly by Caroline Gurney of Caro's Family Chronicles. Thanks to these two sharp genies for starting the ball rolling with this geneameme challenge - I appreciate your support.

Thanks to my mate, Randy Seaver, publicising the meme in his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun I have met a raft of new genealogists from over the seas.

Following is a list of meme contributions. Hopefully it will grow over the next few days.

Adolphus Ames Genealaogy - Nancy
Ancestrally challenged - Dee
Are my roots showing? - Jenny Lanctot
Australian Genealogy Journeys - Aillin O'Brien
Blundering blindly backwards - RAH
Caro's Family Chronicles - Caroline Gurney
A Couple of Whiles - Family Historian
Destination Austin Family - Thomas MacEntee
Erica's adventures in genealogy - Erica Voolich
Family History across the seas - Pauleen Cass
Family tree writer  –  Sherry Stocking Kline
From Helen V Smith's keyboard - Helen V Smith
GenBlog - Julie Cahill Tarr
Genea-Musings - Randy Seaver
Genealogy, Middle Age & Life - Deborah Towne Atchley
GeneaThemeBlogs4u - Sharn White
Geniaus - Jill Ball
Gill Chesney-Green
Indiana Dillmans -  Daniel G Dillman
Inside History Magazine - Cassie Mercer
Janelle's Family Tree Addiction  Janelle Collins
Jollett etc. - Wendy
Karen about genealogy - Karen Packard Rhodes
Katie's Grove - Katie
Kinnexions - Becky Wiseman
Leaves of the Tree - Kay Haden
Luxegen - Joan Miller
Mountain genealogists - Cyndi Beane Henry
Musings by Linda: My family research - Linda Woodward Geiger
My ancestor's name - Angela J Walton-Raji
My Heritage Happens - Cheryl Palmer
My Family Puzzles - Alison
My Tapley tree...and its branches - Liz
Nancy Fermazin Family
Nick Gombash's genealogy blog - Nick Gombash
Nolichucky Roots - Susan Clark
Oh Spusch - Elf Flame
Pasts unfolding - Anne
Patientgenie - Michelle Patient
The Pieces of my past - Tracy
The Research Journal - Melody Lassalle
Roger's Ramblings - Roger Moffat
Shauna Hicks History Enterprises - Shauna Hicks
Slowly being driven mad by the ancestors - Carole Davies
Stardust 'n Roots - Bart Brenner
Telling their tale: the stories of my ancestors - Hillary
Tonia's Roots - Tonia
Tracking down the family - Jennifer Jones
Transylvanian Dutch - John Newmark
The Tree of Me- Sharon Brennan
The Tree of Me - (Mr) Sharon Brennan
Twigs of Yore - Shelley
The Wandering genealogist - John Gasson
Wandering roots - Julia Hogston
West in New England - Bill West
West Virginia Family Tracks and Trails - Geolover
Who knew? - Debi Austen
You are where you came from - Katie O

and here's a Video response on Youtube from Caitie G


my Heritage Happens said...

Wow! You sure had wonderful response! Thank you for sharing the list of those who participated, I have catching up to do! Great idea too.

Bribie Family History Association said...

What a fantastic response!Good to see more Aussie bloggers on a regular basis. Thanks

Caro said...

Thank you for all the fun you gave us, Jill :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jill it was a fun challenge.


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