Monday, November 1, 2010

Revisit the ancestors

What a productive morning I've had. I took the advice of a couple of speakers at the recent genealogy expo in Sydney and had a look at the records of some ancestors who had been peacefully resting in my database for a while. New resources, both free and subscription, come  online each week and often I forget to make use of them.

I have been looking at these once more and have had some nice surprises. I was able to find a number of marriage details in the NSW Registry Historical BDM indexes that now go to 1959, similarly I found a few deaths. Some of the probate records I found at Ancestry have told me that some ancestors must have squandered the hard earned money of their ancestors. Via the new FamilySearch I found another sibling for my husband's great-grandfather., so I now have a whole new line of Gowans to follow.

Using the Eresources of the State Library of NSW I have tracked down details on some more Gowans cousins and found the immigration details to the US of another 'lost' Gowans cousin. Finding that the Fairfax Newsstore is now free has enabled me to find the death and funeral details of some of my parents' cousins. These articles have given me some birth dates and details of spouses and offspring.

I am so grateful to those speakers at the expo who reminded me to revisit the ancestors.

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