Friday, November 26, 2010

Follow Friday - Australian FamilySites - Hornsby Family Tree

It's a brief FollowFriday post today as I have been distracted by the birth last night of a new grand-daughter.

I hadn't thought of using Blogger for a family site until I came across the Hornsby Family Tree.

Hornsby Family Tree

The benefits in using Blogger are that it is free and easy to use and it puts one's information out on the web for search engines and potential relatives to find. One is also able to allow for an element of collaboration and communication by enabling multiple authors and enabling the comments facility.

The disadvantages, when compared with a dedicated genealogy software application, relate to the inability to view data in standard genealogy formats such as charts and trees.

On this blog each post is devoted to one member of the Hornsby family. Where there is further information about other people cited in an entry there is a hyperlink to the entry about that person. There are also hyperlinks to newspaper articles  from some of the posts.

Typical post on Hornsby Family Tree
The appearance of the blog that has used a simple Blogger template is clear annd uncluttered.

 I am always impressed by creative uses of software and was pleased when I found this use of Blogger for genealogy. I look forward to watching the site develop and hope that its presence on the web initiates some worthwile contacts for the writer, Hornsby.

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