Sunday, November 7, 2010

I was alerted this morning in a post from ReadWriteWeb to a new Twitter tool that would be useful for geneabloggers who use Twitter. If ones knows where one's followers are then one can tailor tweets to that audience.

I sometimes look at my list of Twitter followers to see where they are geographically but this involves looking at their entries one by one. Mapmyfollowers allows one to use a mashup developed by Scotia Systems . ReadWriteWeb says "that allows you to see where in the world the people who follow you on Twitter are. Up to 1000 at a time can be viewed on a map and there's something magical about the resulting experience."

I logged into MapMyFollowers and, after giving them access to my Twitter account, was able to produce a map within a minute or two.

Geniaus' Followers on Twitter
Additionally MapMyFollowers produces a word cloud of the bios of your followers so that you can gather a little more information about your audience.

Geniaus' Wordcloud
What this tells me is that most of my followers have an interest in Genealogy or History and that a large proportion of them are from the US.  I hope to connect with more Australian Genealogists soon.

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Judy Webster said...

I had not heard of MapMyFollowers before, but it is rather fun! My followers are not quite as widespread as yours, but their word cloud is very similar. I am in the process of writing some material that I hope will encourage more family historians to use Twitter, so hopefully your map and mine will soon show more pins in Australia.


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