Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Genealogy?

When I joined up with GenealogyWise on the day it was launched I filled in a little profile information. One of the questions was "For what reason did you start genealogy research?" I simply wrote "fun".

As I seek new members for the Australian Genealogists Group I take a look at members' answers to this question. Not many cite something as simple as fun - they talk about problem solving, curiousity, discovering their roots and leaving a legacy for the grandchildren. As all of these are my goals and fit into my perception of fun I don't think I'll update my profile.

I just hope that one of the little people in this photo will catch the genealogy disease and continue to record our history when I am no longer around to do it.

Geniaus and the grandchildren - which one is the future genealogist?

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