Monday, August 24, 2009

24 Things about to become extinct

On the Committed Sardine Blog Ian Jukes writes about:

24 Things About to Become Extinct

"24. Yellow Pages
23. Classified Ads
22. Movie Rental Stores
21. Dial-up Internet Access
20. Phone Landlines
19. Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs
18. VCRs
17. Ash Trees
16. Ham Radio
15. The Swimming Hole
14. Answering Machines
13. Cameras That Use Film
12. Incandescent Bulbs
11. Stand-Alone Bowling Alleys
10. The Milkman
9. Hand-Written Letters
8. Wild Horses
7. Personal Checks
6. Drive-in Theaters
5. Mumps & Measles
4. Honey Bees
3. News Magazines and TV News
2. Analog TV
1. The Family Farm

What is really scary is that some of these eg Analogue TV, Movie Rental Stores and Answering Machines were introduced during my lifetime. I must write about the excitement experienced when they were introduced for my descendants.

Watching The Davis Cup on TV through a shop window, watching The Mickey Mouse Club on a neighbour's TV each day are fond childhood memories. The purchase of a VCR and membership of a video shop at Bondi gave me respite from four energetic children during long summer holidays. Ahhh - memories.

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