Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free access to SMH archive from Google News Archive

I somehow missed last week's announcement that Google had quadrupled its searchable archive of historical news articles.

Included in the new offering is free access to The Sydney Morning Herald archives. Although I cannot find information on the dates covered I have done a few test searches and recovered free articles for the time period 1840-1950.

Although personal notices do not appear to be searchable there is still a wealth of information in the archive for genealogists. In looking for my birth notice I came across an article on November 19,1949 about a relation of my fathers, a linesman who was electrocuted in the course of his work in 1949. The contents of this small article give me lots of information about young Eric.

I am going to have a wonderful day searching the SMH archives. Thanks to Diane Haddad, The Genealogy Insider for alerting us to this news.

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