Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Morning After The Night Before

Dora the Explorer
This morning I feel just like Dora the Explorer when she bursts into her song "We did it, we did it, we did it, Hooray".

Just like Dora last night I set off on in adventure in an unknown territory, my first Google Hangout on Air. Like Dora who has her friends Boots and Swiper when she goes adventuring I had the support of fellow genealogists.

Thank you to those who joined me on the panel, those who watched in real time and made comments on the event page and those who have since watched my hangout and have made helpful comments. I am humbled. it was an Hooray moment for me and for genealogy downunder.

From the time I advertised the event on Google+ I realised that there was a place for Google Hangouts on Air with an Australian flavour. Many people responded that they were interested in attending the event and more than half of these did either join the panel or watch online. Thank you to those brave people who joined the panel and experienced their very first Hangout on Air; I hope you will join in again.

As I believe that a very important part of any event is evaluation I am going to use the PMI evaluation strategy to make a few comments. I welcome further suggestions on the Hangout Event page.

Plus +
We did it, Hooray!
There were more prospective panellists than places on the panel.
There was interest in this event not only from Australia but from overseas
The Google+ Event page associated with the Hangout gave those who were viewing an opportunity to join in the conversation.
Viewers used the Event page to make comments and suggestions.
It was obvious that genealogists downunder are ready to harness Google Hangouts on Air as a means of collaboration.
Having some panellists who are familiar with the Hangout on Air tools assisted with the smooth running of the event. Thank you Julie, Pat and Russ.
My US mate, DearMyrtle was willing to rise at 4:00am to support me.
Some viewers appeared to learn about new resources.
The conversation remained on topic.
I learnt a lot in a short space of time about the Hangout on Air interface.
I will make Geniaus Hangouts on Air a regular event on my calendar.
The video appeared on my YouTube channel without any drama.
I was able to easily add tags and further information about the video on my YouTube page.
27 people have viewed the video so far on Youtube.
Anne successfully participated from her iPad.

Minus -
I said Um far too many times.
My head was bobbing around like a cork - I must try to be still.
I didn't wait long enough for the recording to begin so my first couple of introductory sentences are missing from the recording.
I was confused by the process of issuing invitations.
I did not monitor the conversation on the Event page successfully.
I need to give panellists guidance on lighting and positioning of their cameras. (I put my laptop on top of a couple of fat cookbooks so that it was at a better angle and I had my light source which was to bright in front of me).

Interesting ?
Only one male joined the panel.
The age range of panellists was huge - from 22 to 60+. Lovely to see enthusiastic youngsters like Caitlin and Sharon.
A good suggestion was to cycle to panellists.
Another suggestion was to include online demonstrations of various genealogy resources in the Hangout.
Perhaps Pauleen Cass who has written many blog posts about traditional resources could share her knowledge on this topic.
Julie Goucher suggested a Geniaus HOA Google+ Group, Ronnie Bincer also suggests creating a circle of those who are interested in Hangouts on Air. I will create a circle of those interested in my Hangouts on Air and invite these people along - I don't want to spam those in my genealogy circles who are not interested. If you have commented on the event I will encircle you and you will be included in notifications about future HOAs.
A US viewer suggested a Hangout focusing on convicts.


Lizzie said...

Lo Hicimos!
Congrats xx

luckyllama said...

Sorry to have missed this Jill. I had to put hubby to bed, then the kitchen to clean up. When I noticed the time it was after 10pm. I will watch your YouTube clip, and would still like to participate in a live hangout when I am able.

I am so glad it went well for you all.


Alex Daw said...

Hi Jill - thanks so much for being such a generous and helpful host guiding a newbie. I'm only sorry that I didn't have my act together and perhaps wasted a seat that someone else could have used. But I learned a lot - both about the technology of hangouts and of course what we were all there for - useful Australian resources.

Shelley Crawford said...

Hi Jill, I'm sorry I missed it (but I was one of those YouTube views). Could you include me in the circle of you haven't already?

GeniAus said...

Certainly will Shelley. Would love to have you involved.

GeniAus said...

Certainly will Shelley. Would love to have you involved.


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