Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Moving out of the Genealogy Zone

There's a world out there beyond genealogy and next month I'm going to dip my toes into its waters. I have been invited to speak at the 15th Australian Computer Conference for Seniors in Sydney.

Although my topic, My Pal Flip-Pal, is not about genealogy I will certainly be making many references to the topic as I show the attendees how they can use the Flip-Pal to digitise and preserve their precious photos and documents.

I am most impressed by the quality and breadth of the speakers and topics on the draft program for this event. It is pleasing to note that a talk on family history by Allan and Joy Murrin has been included on the program. As a user of Dragon speech recognition software I am a little disappointed that I be speaking at the time time as the Dragon representative but thems the breaks!

This program would appeal not just to seniors but to anyone with an interest in technology. One can register for attendance for one or both days of the event.

Perhaps I will see you in Sydney on Wednesday 13 November. 

1 comment:

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

What a wonderful topic for seniors! I'll have to remember that one for our local senior citizens


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