Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Gold Star Day

Major intersection outside Willandra
 I was so proud of myself this morning, I managed to navigate to the venue for my talk without making one wrong turn. Willandra  the venue, is on a major intersection and not directly accessible from the road. Thanks to the handy map supplied by Maureen Copley from The Ryde District Historical Society I made no blunders and arrived in a stressfree state to give my talk.

On arrival I expressed interest in this historic building so Historical Society President, Janet Eastment, gave me a quick tour and overview of the history of the building. I was excited to have this chance as for many years I drove past this building on my way to and from work. Now my curiosity has been sated.

My purpose this morning was to talk to the Ryde Family History Group about effective Google searching and, for me, it was a most delightful and satisfying experience. Group members were bright and chirpy and willing to contribute to the dialogue by asking questions and adding information.Thank you for being such a wonderful audience I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with you.
Some of the lovely people at Ryde
At the conclusion of my talk I was presented with one of the group's publications "Women of Ryde" which contains biographies of prominent women from the Ryde area. Details of the Society's publications can be found here:

After a cuppa and chat I wandered out into the garden where I gave my camera a bit of exercise before heading home. Following are few pictures of Willandra.

View towards the Parramatta River, originally Willandra had a much larger plot of land
As I love taking pictures of doors I snapped Willandra's to add to my collection
Willandra owned by Ryde Council is home to the Ryde Historical Society and the Art Society

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John Sparrow said...

Hi Jill
Enjoy your posts. I too am interested in Google and have presented to my local society on the topic. I did it as a workshop where the participants used a computer to practice, and I've been asked to repeat it.
It seems to me that it would be worthwhile for a loose group of people who are interested in this could share info re Google. I pick my info up from various source, including from your post recently where you mentioned the loss of the tilde.
John Sparrow


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