Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Worldwide Genealogy - A Genealogical Collaboration

Back on 30 December 2013 English Genealogist,  Julie Goucher, announced a collaborative Project in which I was involved. 

Worldwide Genealogy - A Genealogical Collaboration was a collaborative blog on the Blogger platform to which a team of bloggers contributed posts on an allocated day. In the first year of publication there were  215 posts but this had dwindled to 3 in 2018 with the last post written by Helen Holshouser published on March 30. Life is busy and somehow the wheels fell off the project.

There is some wonderful content in the posts, some of the information may be outdated but some of the issues discussed are still pertinent. The good news is that the blog is still live on the internet and the posts may come up in search results. But I wonder if it will remain there. 

My first post in the Worldwide Genealogy Blog

As I own the copyright on my posts I am going to copy my contributions from that blog into this GeniAus blog. My blog is preserved on the Australian Web Archive at Trove so I know that my words will be available in the future. 

I'll post them with their original posting date and acknowledge that they were originally posted on the Worldwide Genealogy Blog. 


Jennifer Jones said...

This is a good thing to do Jill. Look forward to reading your posts

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Good idea, I should do that too.

GeniAus said...

I read one of your posts on that blog today that was exceptional Pauleen.

TravelGenee said...

Like Pauleen and Jennifer, I agree it is a good idea to republish. It is so great that our work is available on Trove. Hope Pauleen does it too.


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