Saturday, April 10, 2021

I is for...In search of the Pennant Hills

 I've been researching my family history for over thirty years. Along this genealogy journey I have been supported by hundreds of books, many of which I have listed on my Librarything page. 

During the 2021 #AtoZChallenge I will be writing about two of my passions, books and family history. I'll be taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting some of those books that have enriched my genealogy experience.

Published by The Pennant Hills Local Studies Group it is evident that In search of the Pennant Hills : a history of the settlements known as Pennant Hills on the Pennant Hills Range 1788 to 1906 was a labour of love for its three authors. 

I must admit that I haven't read it in full but I truly love this book that was a gift to my husband. It is a book I have caressed and examined on several occasions. This book ekes QUALITY, its overall design, the research behind the work and words that share the story are superb.

There is so much to love, when I open the book that is now 14 years old I still get a whiff of new paper from the beautiful thick, shiny paper between its covers. I like to flip the pages and drink in the design of the beautifully laid out pages which may have one, two or three columns of text. There are many maps, diagrams and photographs of people, places and realia scattered throughout the work, the majority of the page spreads feature an image. Much thought has gone into the production of this book.

It warms the cockles of an old librarian's heart to see the back section of the work that is printed on cream paper in contrast to the white used for the body of the work. These cream pages house appendices, a comprehensive index and author information. 

The only negative I have related to this hardcover work is that it is too large to hold up comfortably in bed.

Although I had no direct connection with Pennant Hills it is in the Hornsby Shire where we previously resided. As a coordinator of the local family history group there I had an interest in Pennant Hills and its people Now that a family of my descendants lives in Pennant Hills my interest has been rekindled so I am going to dive into the book once more.

If you want to examine a beautiful book then I suggest you seek this one out. You can purchase the book from Hillstory and see pages from a sample chapter on their website.


Jennifer Jones said...

Jill your beautifully descriptive words evoke memories of such beautiful books that have passed through my hands over the years. I love a book with really good quality paper. The cover of this book is beautiful. It would take my eye in a bookshop immediately

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

While I have no specific interest in Pennant Hills you’ve made this book look like a Rolls Royce of books, as evidenced the the link to images. I’ll keep an eye out for it in a library just to see it.

Alex Daw said...

Jill you have so many beautiful and useful books. I know what you mean about loving a book but not having the time or the perseverance to read it. I have a few of those on my shelves :)

Molly's Canopy said...

This looks like a gorgeous book -- and I share your enthusiasm for such tomes. I have turned more and more to digital books, but I still keep gems like these on the shelf for reference.


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