Monday, April 5, 2021

D is for...Ah, Dungog : a brief survey of its charming houses & historic buildings

 I've been researching my family history for over thirty years. Along this genealogy journey I have been supported by hundreds of books, many of which I have listed on my Librarything page. 

During the 2021 #AtoZChallenge I will be writing about two of my passions, books and family history. I'll be taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting some of those books that have enriched my genealogy experience.

My 3x Great-Grandparents Denis Tierney and Elizabeth D'arcy settled in Dungog NSW around 1840. As The Maitland Mercury newspaper ,which was first published in 1843, covered Dungog I have many stories about Denis and his family. Unfortunately I only have a couple of contemporaneous images from Dungog.

On a visit to The National Library of Australia back in 2015 I perused Ah, Dungog : a brief survey of its charming houses & historic buildings and enjoyed looking at the images within that gave me an idea of the environment in which my ancestors lived. 

My meanderings on the internet found a browsable copy of this book on the Living Histories site at the University of Newcastle.


Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

Kudos for investigating the place where your ancestors lived. I find such research is essential to finding the full story of our ancestors.

Jennifer Jones said...

Sounds interesting Jill

Alex Daw said...

I just love books with lots of photos from when our ancestors lived. It just makes it so much more real doesn't it? Happy blogging dear Jill.

GeniAus said...

It's so important to pur our ancestors in context.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Thanks Jill. Since one of “my” Germans were there Ill look it up.


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