Friday, April 19, 2019

Geniaus' Gunnas

This time last week I was somewhere else
When I am on holidays I make a mental list of things I need to do on my return home. I call these Gunnas (things I am going to do do). What struck me on our recent trip through China, Japan and South Korea was that Gunna figured in the vocabulary of many of the tour guides we encountered.

While I was away I found it easy to keep up with geneanews and to share Geniaus' Gems on my microblogging Facebook Page, However I don't have time to write lengthy blog posts, prepare presentations or answer queries from readers, I could make time but I prefer to direct my attention to the sites I am visiting.

So what of my Gunnas.

 * I need to add a DNA Downunder Ambassador badge to this blog. I am one of a number of my Genimates who have been appointed as Ambassadors to promote and enthuse fellow genies about this around Australia event that will take place in Australian Cities in August this year. I congratulate Alan Phillips for bringing together this cast of DNA Gurus to teach us about genetic genealogy.

From what I have seen on social media already one would have to be living under a rock to miss the news of his event. However if you wish to register at the earlybird rate you had bettter get cracking and do it now before the end of April. See for details of the event in the city closest to your home.

* I must register for the Sydney 3 Day DNA Downunder event before the venue reaches capacity. It would be embarrassing if this Ambassador couldn't secure a seat.

* I have two talks to prepare for THE Genealogy Show that is to be held in Birmingham, England in June. If you have been considering  a geneajourney to THE Old Country it's not too late to grab a cheap airfare to London and combine a visit to ancestral towns and villages with  attendance at this conference that has presentations from speakers from the UK, Europe, the US and Canada and downunder. Several of my Australian genimates are making the journey to THE Show so you will have good company.

* I still have a few videos from Rootstech 2019 to add to my Youtube Rootstech collection.

* I need to get cracking on a guest blog post for next week. I'll share the link once it is posted.

* Cousin Bait can reap rewards but it also hooks distant or potential cousins who need help with their research. I have a few such messages that I need to follow up. These queries came to me via this blog, Ancestry and my family website.

*  Not many DNA matches contact me but a few that I have contacted have responded to me so I must follow these up lest they lose interest.

* A twelve hour wait at Tokyo airport the other day gave me an opportunity to catch up on blog reading. I am particularly enjoying Carmel Galvin's and Pauleen Cass's posts in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. I must admit I don't read all the posts about people's ancestors that come through my feeds  but I love those with themes that interest me. In her posts Carmel shares recipes that remind me of childhood days while Pauleen recounts tales of her times living in PNG. Having taken part in the Challenge on a couple of occasions I understand the effort involved  and congratulate those who have the stamina to reach the finish line.

* Before I go travelling again I must schedule some blog posts for the Geneadictionary. Thankfully I keep coming across new words and phrases used in genimates' writings.

*All of the DNA Kits I administer have moved from Gedmatch to Genesis so some investigation is warranted.

* Then there is my own research and chasing up more DNA matches!!!

I have four and a half weeks before we set off the the UK for a Garden tour and a bit of research prior to THE Genealogy Show  so I don't have time to dilly-dally.

As I brought a bug and dose of asthma home from Japan I am confined to quarters for a few days so I have some time to concentrate on my Gunnas


Kylie Willison said...

Wow Jill, I really don't know how you do it all!! Hope you're feeling better soon.


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Thanks for the mention Jill. Fran and Sharn are also on the A to Z. Your gunna list is like mine...just keeps growing. And that’s without the actual research.

crgalvin said...

Thanks for the mention Jill. Indeed memories of recipes past - some not so memorable! Happy Easter and:may the bunny not bring you those teeth cracking hard sugar Easter eggs of my childhood.

Jennifer Jones said...

Another interesting post Jill. . Hope you’re feeling better soon

Celia Lewis said...

Take care, Jill - hops you're feeling better than ever! I swear we need our own secretary at times, to do those lists of must-do-soon items!! Cheers from Canada!


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