Sunday, April 28, 2019

DNA Reinforcement

When it comes to DNA I need all the help I can get. 

I started out on the DNA Trail when I purchased my first DNA kits in April 2011 and since Rootstech 2011, when I attended every DNA talk on the program, I have listened to umpteen talks and webinars  on DNA and the various tools available. It has been a steep learning curve especially in the early days when the talks were full of science and not really targeted towards ordinary folk like me.

Back in 2011 DNA as a genealogy resource was a novelty and there were many sceptics but the sceptics have been won over and now recognise DNA as a valuable additional resource. I am now at the stage where I know I could stand up and give a credible introductory talk on DNA for family history but I need to learn and understand more in this evolving field. As an old educator I recognise the value of reinforcement in learning.

Blaine Bettinger, a DNA Guru from the US, will be travelling to Australia in August to present a series of lectures with a field of Australian experts at The DNA Downunder Events being organised by Alan Phillips of Unlock the Past. Blaine will be joined by a team of local enthusiasts and experts at the events. In most cities the events are just for one day but in Sydney there will be a super dooper, Diving in Deeper,  3 day event. I am pleased that I live close enough to travel down to Sydney for that event. You can attend this on 1, 2 or 3 days. There is no way I am going to miss out on this mega learning opportunity.

I was pleased to accept Alan's invitation to be an Ambassador for The DNA Downunder Events. I commend Alan for bringing together such a great team for the program, its no easy task to organise such an endeavour.

I know many of my genimates will want  attend one of The DNA Downunder Events and get good value from their DNA dollars. You have until April 30 to snag the earlybird price for the event so, if you haven't registered, you had better move quickly.

Disclosure : In return for promoting the event (and a few other duties) I am receiving a complimentary admission to The DNA Downunder Event. 

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