Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lost in DNA

Who will be joining me at this SAG event in Sydney, Lost in DNA in Sydney on 3 and 4 November?

The lineup of presenters for the event is pretty impressive. On the list are:  Diahan Southard, Louise Coakley, Maurice Gleeson, Danielle Lautrec, Heather Garnsey, Kerry Farmer, Martyn Killion, Mel Hulbert, Michelle Patient, Veronica Williams and members of the SAG DNA Research Group. 

I just went to the SAG web page to register and found that there are only 36 of the 135 places at this event left. If you, like me, need some help sorting out your DNA then it would be advisable to book now.

I know that I will be less lost after attending this event.

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