Thursday, September 13, 2018

Biddy's new ethnicity results are in. My social media streams this morning are full of people sharing their new ethnicity results. Many users report that the results more accurately match their research and family lore.

My results more accurately reflect my traditional research. There is a marked increase in Irish/Scottish which is more in sync with my research. I am most excited about the 2% Melanesian which recognises my aboriginal ancestor, Biddy Sergeant

For 30 years distant cousins and I have tried to find some hard evidence to confirm family stories that the mother of my 2 x Great-Grandmother, Bridget Ann Hayward, was Biddy. This latest piece of scientific evidence convinces me that our family stories and circumstantial evidence are correct and that  Biddy is my 3 x Great Grandmother.

My latest ethnicity results from Ancestry DNA
Did you find any surprises in your results?

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