Friday, May 25, 2018


Each Friday the organisers of The Genealogy Show 2019 share some news about the event. So far we have heard that genealogy megastars Judy G Russell , the Legal Genealogist, and Blaine Bettinger, DNA Guru, will be headliners at the event. I am so excited to be seeing these genies at the show in June 2019.

Today's announcement is another cracker , it's someone from a different field of family history. I was so impressed when I met and interviewed this chap at Rootstech, I was already a fan as I have read and enjoyed all of his books. It's Nathan Dylan Goodwin, Genealogy Mystery Author, another of my geneaheroes. Take a look at my video interview with Nathan to get a flavour of what he may share at the Show.

What impresses me about the content so far announced for the Show is the diversity of the speakers and their content. I can't wait to see who they roll out next week. 

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